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  • Street
  • All Terrain
  • 2WD
  • 4WD
  • 84A
  • 87A
  • 90A
  • 93A
  • 96A
  • Europe
  • Worldwide outside Europe
  • VX1
  • Hoyt Puck
  • APS Trigger
  • Stormcore 60D 12S
  • Stormcore 100D 18S
  • Yes
  • No
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Important information

Plutonium, the next generation…

After the success and the appreciation we received for our Thorium, we decided to push the envelope further. To develop a board that would encapsulate the core values of our company and bring e-skating to the next level: quality, power and extreme.

In order to accomplish this, we decided to go far beyond what we had done before. Not to be satisfied with 3rd party parts off the shelf, but instead work directly with manufacturers to make our ideas a reality. This includes a complete remodeling of the deck, the enclosure and the battery, to ensure that the board can handle insane power, be exhilarating but at the same time safe. Everything is MORE than before: the deck, the wheels, the battery and of course the motors.

Plutonium is not for the faint of heart. If this is to be your first e-skate board, do not buy it. The torque and top speed are crazy. We like to compare it to a stallion that hasn’t been tamed.

We will start shipping within 9 weeks. You can be confident in that we are working hard to minimize all lead times.

Please read our terms , safety instructions and the full product description before ordering.

Specifications and what you get!

  • 12s6p Samsung 40T battery 1034Wh and up to 180A Discharge which provides  long range per charge and a lot of power for acceleration and speed
  • Stormcore 3 shunt Vesc that can handle the high amps that are required and has almost endless functionality
  • 45″ high strength deck with dropdown that is comfy to stand on, locks your feet in and is stable when you hit those crazy speeds
  • Canbus bms to monitor cell voltage so you in detail can oversee and monitor the battery’s status
  • 6396 4500W Sensored Motors with insane top speed and acceleration that will blow your socks off!
  • On deck display with ride info and wifi connection. Cool and accessible way to see all your important data like speed, distance, battery charge and monitor cell voltage/balance with the connected dual canbus bms.
  • Bluetooth: Metr module and Vesc module that supports 3 different apps. Choose the app you like and fiddle with the settings and functions to your hearts content.
  • Torqueboards 110mm Street Wheels or MBS T3 8” Wheels with Fatboy rims for the best quality and ride experience possible
  • Superfast charger. Charge your board 2,5 times faster with 10A charging current

If you are a geek like us please visit our Parts and Accessories section to get all the details about the superior parts that are included with the Plutonium!


Top Speed

The 6396 4500W motors will generate insane top speed that you shouldn’t attempt to reach

2WD street:          65 km/h or 40 mph
2WD AT:                66 km/h or 41 mph
4WD Street:          79 km/h or 49 mph
4WD AT:                80 km/h or 50 mph

Top speed are indicated up to these values. Top speed depends on wind, road surface, weight, exact motor KV and slope on the road and battery level. 


The Plutonium comes with a large battery that will eliminate any “range angst” you might have. Approximately 30% more range than the prior Thorium

The battery is 1034Wh battery with the normal usage being

2wd street:            10-30 Wh/km
2wd AT:                 15-40 Wh/km
4wd street:            15-45 Wh/km
4wd AT:                  20-50 Wh/km

Range depends on wind, road surface, weight, slope on the road and driving mode (speed/acceleration). To calculate actual range divide 1034 with the Wh/km you apply. For example, if you ride a 2wd street using 15Wh/Km your range will be 69 km.

Why don´t we state range like other company’s do? Because it’s impossible to say real range without all the variables and we want to be upfront about this!


With 2x 6396 9000W or the 4x 6396 18 000W motors, combined with the huge battery with high performance cells, you get crazy torque with the feeling of unlimited power under your feet

2WD has faster acceleration than any other e-board on the market
4WD is faster than a sports car during the first 50 meters


45” long and 11” wide longboard deck designed by Bioboards for high speeds. Drop down design on the front and back to handle heavy acceleration and breaking. Incredible concave to lock your feet in place to give you the confidence to test the limits

Deck made with Canadian maple and fiberglass for ultimate durability
Split angle for ultimate stability with cable risers
45” long and 11” wide deck with a big standing platform for comfort

Bushings guide

Stormcore 60D or Stormcore 100D?

You will not notice any different between them on your board. The different is that 100D supports higher voltage so if you want in future you could change the battery to a higher voltage to get even higher speeds if you have the 100D.

Stormcore 100D supports up to 76V battery and Stormcore 60D supports up to 51V battery. Plutonium battery is made with 50,4V.

No complete battery version:

  • No cells included
  • Everything to build the battery is included except cells: Battery pcb with intergrated bms, cell holders and pre cut nickel
  • We don’t provide any warrenty on the battery you build
  • The nickel is 0,3 mm so you need a strong spotwelder
  • You need 72pcs Samsung 40T cells
  • The battery is build as 2 x 12s3p for a total 12s6p setup
  • Ships direct to you from Sweden
  • Price is reduced for this version without cells










Shipping information

These are estimated delivery times and may differ slightly depending on different conditions. We are constantly working to reduce production times.

After your shipment is shipped, it usually takes 2-5 business days within Europe and outside Europe 3-7 business days.

Plutonium complete board:
Ships 6-8 weeks after ordering. If it is sent outside Europe it will be sent to one of our partners who installs the battery before sending it to you. This means that it takes about 1-2 weeks extra with our partner. If the order is in Europe, it will be sent directly to you with the battery installed.

Powertrain kit:
Ships 3-4 weeks after ordering.

Other products:
Ships 1-7 working days after ordering.

If an item is available as a backorder but in stock the delivery time depends on when we get it back in stock and it can differ between 1-45 working days before it is shipped.

We do not accept any returns due to your regret. Order only if you are sure of your purchase!

Always contact customer service before your order if you are unsure and the delivery time is important for you!

Always read the terms carefully before ordering and using our products. You can find our terms here: Terms 

The following is also important information before buying an electric skateboard: 

  • The laws differ in all countries, so read carefully and follow the laws that apply in your country. 
  • Always wear full protective equipment when riding an electric skateboard ie: Approved helmet (one that covers the entire face is recommended), knee protections, wrist protections, elbow protections, back cover and preferably a motorcycle suit. 
  • You may find protective equipment to buy here: You can also find motorcycle protection gear that fits perfectly with skateboards here: 
  • Follow the traffic rules for your safety and the safety of others.  
  • Over 20 km/h, only drive in a fenced area 
  • It can be dangerous to fall off a skateboard even at low speeds, so do not drive past your own ability and take it easy on unknown roads. 
  • Stop completely and walk or ride extremely slowly in turns where the visibility is bad. 
  • Show respect for others around you, they can hurt themselves if you fall on them! 
  • Do not drive if you are injured or affected by alcohol or drugs 
  • Do not drive in the dark without proper lighting. 
  • You are responsible for yourself, how and where you drive. We do not take any responsibility for it 
  • For more information read here: Important information