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Extreme high-quality power train complete with 6396 motors, precision trucks, TB 110mm Wheels and helical gears 

Due to the high number of orders, the delivery time is longer than normal. Expect around 8 weeks from order.

Compared to belt drive the Powertrain has longer range and better free roll thanks to lower resistance and drag. There’s no belt that can snap or skip cogs during heavy braking or acceleration. Safe and low need of maintenance. Add grease a few times a year to keep the sound low.


  • 2x or 4x 6396 Motor 4500W 140KV, a total of 18 000W for 4wd and 9000W for 2wd encapsulated for more resistance to weather and dirt 
  • 2x Fatboy 260mm Hangers black – A fully CNC worked hanger with titanium shafts 
  • 2x Bioboards precision baseplate with 43 angle for rear and 49 angle for front 
  • Riptide Bushings – Canon / FatCone front and Canon / Chubby rear  
  • Pivot: Riptide WFB 96A 
  • 2x or 4x gear made of aluminum encapsulated for protection against weather and dirt, the gear ratio is 1:2.6 (4wd) or 1:3 (2wd) 
  • Helical gears for low sound 
  • Angular contact ball bearings to sustain the axial loads 
  • Inner bearings and bearings in the hubs are included 
  • Motor contacts are 5.5 Bullet contacts 
  • 4 wheel hub included: Black FatBoy 5 solid Core Hub 3.75 “diameter for 28mm bearing. Precision CNC machined from two pieces of aluminum, these wheel hubs provide accuracy and rigidity for the toughest roads or track conditions. 
  • Will come fully assembled! 


  • MBS T3 Tyres included 
  • Recommended with 10S-14S battery 
  • The motors have a tolerance of +/- 10KV so they can come with a slightly higher or lower KV 
  • The motor cables are 280 mm long and the sensor cable is 370 mm long with the correct connector for vesc (jst-ph 6 pin) so no adapter is needed! 

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